Meet the Team

One day, we decided that a photo booth company should be two things: professional and fun – emphasis on the fun.

As one of the most engaging components of an event, our team knows that the photo booth is where the magic is captured. Moments filled with people and laughter are forever cemented in our photos and shared indefinitely.  It never gets old to see the inner child come out of fully grown adults or see corporate teams let loose together. It’s why we think it is so important that your on-site coordinators should be just as invested into the event as you are.

We consider ourselves professional party shamans because we feel that we have a big responsibility. We don’t just stand around pushing a button. We strive to bring more to a party; we bring engagement, flavor, and joy. We bring the party baby!

Get to know us a bit better below.

James is the ultimate Party Shaman and resident US Army Veteran with dance moves that will fire up any crowd. He’s an expert at getting people to come out of their shell, but he’s terrified of Ferris wheels. As an LA native, he boasts a collection of over 50 Dodger bobble heads and can’t seem to shut up about CrossFit. No, but really, have you tried CrossFit?
David would like it to be known that he is not a foodie; he is a fatty. A handsome, left-handed fatty. His exact role in the company is unknown, but what we do know is that David’s enthusiasm for customer service goes a long way. With him around, guests are sure to have an excellent time, and events run without hiccups. Might want to watch your catering table though.